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I wouldn't even bother with a car. omg.

Just because:

When I was a kid, I'd pick a blade of grass by the root and try to persuade other kids to eat the bottom white part. I'd tell them it tastes like onions and is related to onions. Occasionally, someone would do it.

Planning to send our cat Samantha to a barn where my coworker houses her horses soon. The floors can't take it anymore, and fixing the floors is a step toward having a child.

I love teaching:
the older students who seem so excited to realize things aren't as scary as they expected,
the random and hilarious comments under "what I learned from this informative speech" on the critique forms,
and feeling so appreciated when your students are comfortable enough to act real:
to pass animal crackers around the room, to people they didn't know before the semester started,
to laugh goofily when that weird wheeled thing on a ceiling track mysteriously scoots scooting from one wall to the other.
I feel lucky.

And Spring is apparently on its way: check out the crocuses in my otherwise colorless stubfest of a backyard garden.


And today's garden photos.

They really grew while I was away!

some more shots under the cutCollapse )


Wedding and honeymoon post:

I know that probably half of you guys have already been weddinged-out by me, between facebook and myspace and livejournal. But I want this here, dangit.
Reposted from weddingplans :

Just thought I'd share how things went! Despite only spending almost exactly $2000 (including rings but not including honeymoon), it was everything I'd hoped for :)

I got married 5/30/09 and went on honeymoon to the Yucatan/Quintana Roo area of Mexico, in and around Cancun.

Very image heavy!Collapse )



23 days left, and bought the food!
CHINESE FOOD RECEPTION omg. All the frozen food bought, waiting on fresh fruit, veggies, salad later.

For an estimated 60-70 guests, we bought:
72 servings worth of fried rice
2 big boxes of sliced beef, for beef and broccoli
120 egg rolls (30 each shrimp, pork, chicken, and vegetable)
60 crab rangoon
60 pot stickers
125 fortune cookies
diet lemonade and grape drink

Decided we'll get a Sarah Lee carrot sheet cake for the wedding cake and still make the Star Trek homemade-fondant chess cake for decorative purposes.



There's still a huge brown area I'm working on filling in this year (that's what the 111 little 2-inch pots of perennial flowers are for! 60 planted today!), but I'm really excited about the tulips!Collapse )




Slow Churn win?! I hope.

Here's my ice cream contest entry for this year:


I remember when I first won that Ice Cream Salute, in a mostly-rental neighborhood a bit east of where I live now. It felt like pulling teeth going door-to-door, encouraging people to eat some tasty Fudge Tracks with their family, friends, and neighbors. People'd tell me, “I'll think about it”, and then I'd never hear from them again. I'd end up with a small turnout, but in the end, it could have been better.

Last year, after buying my house and hosting a Salute in a new neighborhood, I was amazed at the difference. This new neighborhood is mostly permanent homeowners rather than renters, which I think somehow meant I didn't have to prod so much for positive turnout.

I met tons of people I'd never seen before: a firefighter from across the street, a guy who works at the local news station next door, and a disabled woman who brought her two super-adorable blonde girls along for some Edy's tasty-ness. One neighbor told me how happy she was that the community could get together officially for once, and brought her husband and a gift of lily seeds (originated from Thomas Jefferson's estate, she says; how cool is that?!). There was tons of sharing stories and a neighbor telling me they'd always looked for us newbie-neighbors on the front porch to say hi, with no luck.

The point is this: Last year's Neighborhood Salute brought us together and made me realize just how warm and friendly my new neighborhood really is. I'd love to recreate that moment in 2009. I hope that I get the opportunity to do that!